Welcome to the NEW TigsTown!

Back fields looking out at Tigertown

We are very excited to launch the brand new TigsTown.com, where we will continue to bring you the latest and greatest content on the Detroit Tigers, with a keen focus on minor league coverage, scouting prospects, and going deep into the inner workings of the organization.

For those that aren’t familiar, TigsTown.com launched in the spring of 2004 with a focus on minor league coverage not available anywhere else on the internet.

After over 15 years with the same network (sort of), TigsTown is venturing out on its own, continuing to bring you the same outstanding Tigers coverage, albeit in a few, more user-friendly format. Moving forward, TigsTown’s content offering will focus on three core tenets:

  1. Rankings and Scouting Reports: When it was released for the first time, the TigsTown Top 50 established a new standard in coverage of the Tigers farm system, and that will continue here. You can find a top ten list of prospects just about anywhere, but TigsTown covers the organization top to bottom to identify the top 50 prospects in the organization. Scouting reports on all the ranked prospects will continue to be published in a new format, with periodic updates.
  2. Feature Articles: This had occasionally been a focus for TigsTown, diving into analytics or speaking with players, coaches and scouts on great behind the scenes insights. This will be revived under the new TigsTown, with a strong emphasis on behind-the-scenes coverage not found anywhere else. You’ll get well beyond the box score when you read these dynamic deep dive features.
  3. The Podcast: Paul and Mark’s Bourbon & Baseball BS Podcast will again be a prominent staple on the site, and will be a great opportunity to hear the guys talk and share their opinions on the Tigers and baseball as a whole. Plus, some good-natured fun and bad jokes are sure to follow.

This does mean that some parts of the old ecosystem will unfortunately not continue. Periodic game updates, rosters and transaction blogs will no longer be a focus (unless the transaction is feature story worthy), and we will no longer have a message board. We understand some readers very much enjoyed those aspects of TigsTown, but as part of this transition, we took a long look at what made sense (and what didn’t) to continue. You’ll still be able to interact with the staff, but it will either be more formal Q&A’s or more casually through sites like Twitter.

Arguably the biggest difference to start is that you’ll no longer see a paywall here. From now until Opening Day, ALL content, every single story, all the rankings, the scouting reports, will be 100% free. In fact, there’s no guarantee there ever will be a paywall again, but for at least the entirety of spring training, all content will be available to all readers. After 15 years of hyping content but having to answer to questions about why they can’t read it, or why individuals felt it wasn’t worth paying for, now that we’re no longer network-affiliated, we wanted to give all Tigers fans the chance to see what they’ve been missing. If (and I’ll heavily emphasize the “if”) we do re-introduce a paywall, it will be at a substantially lower price than before.

With that, we hope you enjoy the new TigsTown!

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